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  • Gemstones & Crystals - Crator Quartz Crystal - 5"High, 3 1/4" Base - Extra Large


    Gemstones & CrystalsBrazilian Quartz Crystal

    Beautiful hand picked Quartz Crater Crystal.  This beautiful stone has the markings of another crystal that grew out from it but was removed.  Crater Crystals: Two Pieces of crystal quartz grow together but then separate sometime during their life cycle, leaving a space where the other crystal grew.  These crystals can aid with grief, loss and separation.  Placed on the heart during crystal healing can aid to release heartache.  Our Quartz Crystals are imported from Brazil.  These Brazilian crystals are extremely powerful.  Use your crystals to for clarity, motivation and guidance.  Quartz Crystal:  Powerful natural energy conductor, used in electronics, excellent healing and meditation tool, cleanses energy, new beginnings, clarity of thought, moves all energy, amplifies.

    Size:  5" (inches) High - 3 1/4" (inches) Base.   This is a very large piece that would blend easily in any room.