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  • Jewellery - Aqua Aura Double Terminated Swivel Pendant - 1 1/4" Long


    Jewellery - Aqua Aura Double Terminated Swivel Pendant

    Our Aqua Aura Crystal is imported from the United States of America.  Infused with pure Gold, Aqua Aura has been used to enhance intuition and energize your mental abilities.  The intense but peaceful vibration of this stone makes it an excellent meditation tool.   Aqua Aura also stimulates the finer levels of thought and communication.  Aqua Aura Crystal:  Attracts wealth and beauty, intense vibration to activate the Chakras, calming and relaxing effect on emotions, release stress, negativity, limitation, energy drain, aids in stimulating the Throat Chakra, profound peace during meditation, opening gateways to the angelic realm.  Double Terminated: Double terminated points emit, amplify and absorb energy at both ends of the stone.  They are a wonderful tool when meditating.

    Size: 1 1/4" Long