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  • Home & Office - Red Tiger's Eye Crystal Decoration

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    Home & Office - Red Tiger's Eye Crystal Decoration

    Our Tiger's Eye gemstones are imported from Africa.  Tiger's Eye works directly with the solar-plexus Chakra by adding stability and potency while increasing self-esteem.  Use Tiger's Eye when you need clear vision, steady focus, confidence and trust.  Tiger’s Eye: Confidence and universal trust, clear vision, stability, and stand firm in your beliefs, power and resolve.

    Our Quartz Crystals are imported from Brazil.  Generator Crystal: The rare and much sought after Generator crystal has all six crystal faces joining together sharply to form the terminating apex – a near-perfect point. This powerful crystal is “THE” Quartz crystal for energy generation and projection. Their perfected geometric form allows for the focus and proper distribution of this energy into the lives of the people working with them and receiving their healing energy. Generator Crystals are extraordinary meditation tools.