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  • Gemstones & Crystals - Rose Aura Quartz Cluster - 2 3/4" Tall 1 1/2" Long


    Gemstones & Crystals: Rose Aura Quartz Cluster

    Our Rose Aura Crystals are imported from the United States of America.  These are powerful crystals that aids in healing the heart and heart issues.  It’s a gentle reminder that we are all one and that we are all unconditional love.  Rose Aura Crystal:   Bonded with Gold and Silver, and sometimes Platinum, these powerful crystals emit an excellent frequency that stimulates the pineal gland and heart Charka, self-love, self-understanding, releasing of unexpressed emotions, gentle energy, soothes heartache.

    Size:  2 3/4" (inches) Tall 1 1/2" (inches) Long