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  • Gemstones & Crystals - Quartz Crystal Pyramid - 2" Tall, 2" Base


    Gemstones & Crystals:  Quartz Crystal Pyramid

    Our Quartz Crystals are imported from Brazil.  These crystals have a legendary history of being crystals seeded from Atlantis and are known to reign over the mineral kingdom.  If this is the case, these Brazilian crystals are extremely powerful.  Use your crystals to for clarity, motivation and guidance.  Quartz Crystal:  Powerful natural energy conductor, used in electronics, excellent healing and meditation tool, cleanses energy, new beginnings, clarity of thought, moves all energy, amplifies.  Pyramid Symbology: Pyramids draw in energy, amplifies it and then focuses energy through it’s apex.  Pyramids also enhance and can focus the individual stones energy.

    Size: 2" (inches) Tall, 2" Base