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Crystal Journey Candles - 3 x 6 Pillar - Harmony

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Unique hand crafted Reiki charged candles made from the finest waxlead-free materials and original blends of essential oils; these beautiful and vibrant colourful candles have an extra-ordinary scent like nothing you have ever experienced before.  There is a scent to please everyone and each candle comes with a different intention specifically designed for specific affirmations and inspirational messages.  HARMONY Essential oil fragrance blend:  orange blossom, myrrh, rose, juniper, sassafras and dragon's blood.  AFFIRMATION: "Harmony now radiates through my mind, body and emotions.  The magical flow now consumes my entire being.  I am calm, relaxed and at peace."  

Size: 6" (inches) tall - Base: 3" (inches) (Extra-Large Candle)